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1229 Wakefield

Sold in 3 days!

1229 Wakefield – Sold in 3 Days!

I recently listed 1229 Wakefield for a couple in the ever growing Oak Forest Subdivision.  The property was listed on a Friday and by Monday we had a solid contract at $20K over asking!  The owners were of course ecstatic and were able to purchase a brand new home about 10 minutes away.

Oak Forest, along with it’s neighbor Garden Oaks, is continually growing with new homes replacing 50 or 60 year old homes everyday.  I grew up in this neighborhood and while it’s sad to see the neighborhood changing so rapidly it’s also exciting to see history being made in an area that I love very much.  So many memories in that neighborhood.

I feel that growing up in the area helps give me an edge that many other agents may not have, especially for those that have been living there for 30 or 40 years.  I can relate and understand the emotional attachment that many home owners might have if they choose to sell.  I also know the financial benefits of selling now while the market is very very hot.

If you live in this area or are interested in purchasing, please contact me.  I’d love to share the neighborhoods history as well as show the benefits of buying or selling in Oak Forest, Gardne Oaks, or the Heights.

– @hectorgarcia

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