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CRISP Restaurant is taking over the Neighborhood

If you live in the Heights or Shady Acres you should have already heard about a new restaurant in the neighborhood called CRISP.  This place was being worked on for months and when it finally opened a couple of months ago the business simply exploded!  They seem to be doing great.

We live about 2 houses down from the new restaurant and even being that close we’ve only eaten there once.  The food was ok but the wine and beers were great.  We’ll visit again soon but they must be doing something good because the place is packed several days a week.  The busiest days seem to be Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday and Saturday are second in line.  When they’re that busy, the neighborhood surrounding the restaurant is literally taken over.

I love seeing businesses booming like this and the busy days where people are having to park in front of our house doesn’t even bother us.  I’m happy to see Crisp thriving and I hope they continue to grow and stay in business for years.  Good luck Crisp.

– Hector Garcia

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