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New Home for Mom

After 40+ years in the same house, mom gets a grand new Lennar Home

Lennar home for mom.

Around 1972 my mom and Dad purchased their first home in Oak Forest, a then middle class neighborhood where houses could be purchased for $15K or so.  It’s the house that I grew up in and we had to say good bye to it a couple of months ago.

Over the years the house has slowly deteriorated and with no funds to keep up with the house we decided that now was the best time to sell.  Oak Forest is exploding with new home builds where homes are now starting at $600 – $700K and my mom was able to get a good price for her house.  This was a tough decision as the house had a lot of sentimental value to my mom and family.  The house is still there and is yet to be torn down for another new home build.

The good news is that with the sell of my mom’s house she was able to get a brand new home in a new Lennar development and pay cash for it.  My mom has never had anything new like this and she deserved it!  New appliances, new washer and dryer, a garage that she can drive her car into, heat and A/C, etc.  These are all things that were missing or in poor condition at the old house and are now “luxuries” for my mom.

If you’re in the Oak Forest or Garden Oaks area and looking to sell, contact me and I can help with a very quick sale.  Many people just like my mom are selling at a good time right now and purchasing new homes outside of that area and having money left over.  This Lennar home that my mom purchased was only $148,000 when it was all said and done.  Lennar has a lot of great specials right now too.  If you’d like to see one of these homes, contact me to schedule a showing.

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